When will this poaching ever stop? and why doesn’t the South African Government act upon this matter.?

Rhino And Baby

A mother Rhino and her little baby rhino calf.

Up till now 550 Rhinos have been slaughtered for their value of horn in the Kruger National Park within the past 11 months now my question to ask is ” why haven’t Environmental Affairs Minister : Edna Molewa put a stop to this matter’? or does she get paid to stand  back and look at how our precious rhino animals get slaughtered and brutally killed for their horns?, yet it has no medical value?

Within the past five years South Africa’s Kruger National Park have lost more than 1457 Rhino’s  they have been killed and slaughtered for their horn by poachers and Eastern Vietnamese and Chinese people they have this crazy idea that rhino horns can cure any form of illness/disease yet it doesn’t have any medical value to cure any form of sickness. So why doesn’t the SA Government act upon this critical matter.?

 “Rhino poaching poses a threat to South Africa’s national security, threatens the country’s national heritage and the future of the country’s tourism industry” quoted Minister Edna Molewa, as if she all of sudden cares now. The South African government is acutely aware of the seriousness and intensity of wildlife crime, specifically rhino poaching.

An increase in the number of rhino deaths prompted the government to make R75 million available to SA National Parks for the employment and training of additional rangers for the 2013/14

and 2015/16 financial years.

This figure was announced during Molewa’s budget speech last year.

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