South African TAX payers become the fools..

While South African citizens are paying taxes to preserve their heritage and footing the salaries of civil servants, the very same civil servants are the ones destroying what belongs to all.

This week civil servants working within the State owned “Kruger National Park” have been caught with their fingers in the cookie jar. While South Africans are all contributing to “SAVING RHINOS” be it through taxes or private contribution South African citizens are behind the war to STOP this epidemic of Rhino slaughter and Rhino horn trade.


Below is the blame list I have drafted of Guilty Culprits:-

  1. You who is reading this

Why me – because you have allow the ruling government to do as they please.

Are you not tired of this…

It is time for South African’s to wakeup and take control – Citizens Rule – Not Governments

The list goes on and on….


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