Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa (pictured) and Mozambican Tourism Minister Carvalho Muaria will take concrete action to combat rhino poaching.

MY COMMENTS – South Africa is a democratic country, well it is supposed to be since the ANC was elected as the political parting ruling South Africa. The very same ANC without consent from the citizens of South Africa took down the border fences separating South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Ever since this fence was taken down the poaching of Rhinos increased. The ANC the ruling political party should be the ones held fully responsible for this cross border poaching.

It is simple it would take a couple of months to put back the fencing that was taken down back up – it would be the cost of the South African Taxpayer. Then get the South African Defence Force to patrol the borders like it used to be.  South African Taxpayers are already fitting the monthly salaries  for these soldiers doing absolutely nothing – let them do some  real work.

What is the MOU that is been spoken of – to relocate 1,200 families by 2016. Hello Minister – What are you smoking – there won’t be any more Rhinos by then (2016) – stop bull shitting yourself about the relocation of 1.200 families – this would take ten times longer to move them than putting up a fence – we all have seen your attempts to move squatter – the ANC fail at that…

What concrete action will the Minister of Mozambique offer – Hello Minister – you don’t have any Rhinos left…. your imput is worth nothing….

As for this statement “The relocation would need to include sustainable projects that uplifted young people and created a move away from poverty”  Pffffttttt to that, you can’t even get that issue sorted out in South Africa.. stop fooling yourself yet again….

Again stop thinking – it is simple Minister – put the fences back and get the army to patrol the borders – you and the ANC are putting South Africans at risk…

Another focus would be on targeting the syndicates behind poaching – Read my article a few weeks back regarding the South African Justice system – Releasing middle men due to not finding a translator and at the same time the IT system was down – two years of waiting….. so what will be new.

Article on Facebook – Soldiers of the Innocent


Johannesburg – Environmental Affairs Minister Edna Molewa and Mozambican Tourism Minister Carvalho Muaria will take concrete action to combat rhino poaching, her department said on Saturday.

“We had very frank discussions with our counterparts in Mozambique and we are glad that we are moving forward. It is an indication that we can work together to curb this problem of poaching,” Molewa said in a statement.

Talks between Molewa and Muaria on Friday focused on joint co-operation between South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe on the matter of cross-border conservation of the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area (TFCA), established in 2002.

The area links the Limpopo National Park in Mozambique, the Kruger National Park (KNP) in South Africa, and Zimbabwe’s Gonarezhou National Park, Manjinji Pan Sanctuary, and Malipati Safari Area.

Molewa and Muaria agreed on a memorandum of understanding to be signed before January 2014.

One of the agreements was the relocation of communities who lived within the boundaries of the TFCA.

The process would see 1,200 families relocated by 2016.

The relocation would need to include sustainable projects that uplifted young people and created a move away from poverty, the statement said.

Another focus would be on targeting the syndicates behind poaching.

“We are worried as South Africa that our rhino are being poached. We need to work much harder to solve the problem of poaching and today (Friday) we have recommitted ourselves to working together, and as SADC (Southern African Development Community) as a whole,” said Molewa.

A total of 408 rhino have been killed in South Africa since the beginning of the year, 265 of them from the KNP, which forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park and shares an eastern border with Mozambique, since January 2013.

The number of people arrested countrywide on rhino poaching-related charges was currently at 121. Fifty-six of them were arrested in the KNP.

Of the 119 facing prosecution in South African courts, 37 were foreign and 24 of them were Mozambican, the statement said.


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