African Elephant

Photo: African elephant

Elephants are targeted for their ivory tusks that humans want so badly.

Because ivory is so valuable to some humans, many elephants have been killed for their tusks. This trade is illegal today, but it has not been completely eliminated, and some African elephant populations remain endangered.

This is whats left of an elephant after its been killed for its ivory tusks

Ivory trade: elephant poaching for their tusks for the ivory trade has made elephants an endangered species in danger of animal extinction

What value does the elephants ivory have that lure humans so badly to have it?

Poachers mercilessly kill elephants so they can sell their ivory tusks. Today, it is thought that most of the ivory is illegally smuggled to China and Thailand to make chop-sticks, jewellery, ornaments, hair accessories, and many other items.

Ivory trade: Various carved items made from the ivory of elephant tusks, making elephants an endangered species

 Below a mother elephant holds her baby close protecting it. Numerous baby elephants are left orphaned after their mothers are killed for their ivory tusks, which are worth around £80,000,or US $126,000 for a set of two, once they are made in to ivory items. If orphan baby elephants survive to grow tusks of their own, they too may well be killed by poachers, in one of a variety of painful, distressing and frightening ways.

A mother elephant holds her baby close, protecting it. Numerous baby elephants are left orphaned after their mothers are killed for their ivory tusks, which are worth around £80,000,or US $126,000 for a set of two, once they are made in to ivory items. If orphan baby elephants survive to grow tusks of their own, they too may well be killed by poachers, in one of a variety of painful, distressing and frightening ways.

This is scary to say but true 35000 elephants are killed each year for their ivory tusks that have a high value in the Asian Countries

Ivory trade: Mother elephant with latge tusks protecting it's baby elephant. Young elephany could soon be orphaned when poachers kill it's mother for her ivory tusks

The Panda

Why are pandas endangered?

Pandas are dying out mainly because of one main reason: habitat loss. Their main source of food is bamboo, which takes a long time to grow. This problem wasn’t present when pandas were spread throughout the massive south-east of Asia, including China. Hence, when a forest of bamboo was being consumed by them, or a forest bloomed out, they could simply move to another bamboo forest, but as the forests have been cut down the Pandas are finding food supply harder to find after a bloom out.

Industrialization needs people to clear off these ranges or lands for factories and agriculture. Hence, bamboo forests in Asia started to decline tremendously. Wild pandas have been reported to die because of starvation simply because they cannot reach the next bamboo forest quickly enough, or at all. Habitat fragmentation affects their feeding, and mating as well, anytime the Panda has to leave their territory, they are at risk.

panda edit morne

Pandas are endangered because they are getting hunted by people who are killing off these animals without knowing that they are endangered and have no concerns, or cares about the balance and well-being of the ecosystem.

The Panda is a specialized species and that creates a level of strain that is sensitive to any outside pressures and can quickly endanger the species continued survival.

The Koala Bear

Why are Koala Bears Endangered?

The Koala Bear is endangered because it is losing its habitat and food source. They rely on the leaves of eucalyptus for their nutrition and most of these trees are being cut down.

Koalas have become endangered because :

It is valued for its soft fur.

If a disease is spread among them, they have no resistance against it because of them having the same genetic pool. Therefore they are not immune to disease and if one Koala gets a virus, the whole community is infected by it as well. Often these diseases bring disastrous results and hundreds or thousands or maybe even millions can be wiped out because of a single virus.

Their habitat is being destroyed. Besides having no living place, it has lost its source of food. As the Koala is a very fussy eater and almost only eats eucalyptus leaves, it has a limited supply of food choice.

Koala Morne Edit

Are You A Fan Of Louis Vuitton Fashion?


This lady has the out most no respect for animals that she can go buy a Louis Vuitton designers coat made out of koala fur without even thinking about the poor animals that had to been slaughtered and their life that had been taken away from them…Makes me sad to look at the poor beautiful koala’s that died so that a human can wear their soul around her body!!!

The Indian Tiger

Indian tigers are endangered because people have been hunting them for so many years so that they can take their fur from these beautiful animals.
Why is the Tiger Endangered?
Tigers have been hunted heavily by humans over the past few years. In ancient times, they were tamed and kept as pets by royalty. Indeed, a tamed cat would add much color to the royal nature of people at that time. Tiger hunting was a popular sport played by royalty in ancient times.
Also, in many Asian countries, various superstitions regarding tigers exist; a talisman made out of a tiger’s claw is considered to have supernatural powers.Other than that, these animals have been hunted for their fur. Ironically, the biggest enemies of tigers may be the connection they have with masculinity and strength in the minds of their largest predators, humans.
Almost everything related to the tiger has been sold and held in high esteem and price, be it their claws, their fur, their teeth and in some cases, their eyes. The tiger’s body organs have also been rumored to be a cure for many of human ailments. This has also resulted in the reckless poaching of tigers, making them an endangered species today.
The Wolf

There are many reasons why wolves are endangered, Most people used to be afraid of wolves and thought they were dangerous to humans. For a long time, people would get money for bringing in a dead wolf. This was called bounty hunting, people also used to poison wolves, poisoning is probably the main reason why there are so few wolves left today.

Wolves are hunted because they have thick hides, which are used for winter coats and other clothing. They used to be hunted for a good reason, which was keeping people warm, but they are now used for fashion wear


Lady Gaga Wearing a Wolf Coat on her Body would you do it? or would you like to see animals like this beautiful wolf below.

Or do you Prefer this to happen to wolves so that people can make fashion clothing out of them?

Wolves ready to get cut up for their fur.

The Leopard

Leopards are endangered because people hunt them for their beautiful coats. They may also get shot if they wander to close into a human village. Another reason is because the forests in which they live are being torn down.

Leopards are endangered animals since they are at risk of poaching from hunters
who prize them for their unique spotted coats. They are also at risk of forest
fires and human encroachment on their habitat.

Display window of a leopard fur coat made 100% from leopard skin.

Say No To Animal Fur, Stop Ivory Hunting And Stop Destroying Animal environments Lets Take Action Together We Can Make A Difference


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