It seems these past few weeks I have read so many stories of dogs being boiled alive, cats skinned alive, dolphins rounded up and slaughtered, whales being killed, donkeys being beat over the head and killed for their meat and I am sure there is a lot more animals being tortured in Japan, Korea and China that I just do not know about yet.


My disgust for these countries is big. Do these people have anything they feel deserves to live among them?  I am having a really hard time trying not to judge these people and their culture but my mind is negative and scared from what I have seen them do to animals especially the dogs and cats and I guess the picture I just saw the other day of a dog trying to crawl out of a pot of boiling water was the last breaking straw for me on these people.

I have no feelings and I have no mercy and I will never support these countries on anything again.  I will not buy anything made in any of these countries ever again. Those countries and people are sick.

Below is a story of a mother bear who killed herself then her cub on a bile farm. Day in and day out people who love animals fight to save them every day. Sometimes it feels like a losing battle but other times there are so many victories and so many happy stories.

We just need to keep spreading the work about animal abuse. My heart breaks for these poor animals tortured to death. They deserve a live of joy and peace just like we humans do.

Below is a sad story not because the mother bear died and her cub but because there are 20,000 bears locked in little cages their whole entire life.

Mother Bear Kills cub and Self to Escape Life of Bile “Milking”

A mother killed her baby and herself to end the torture of life on a  bear bile farm. She hugged her cub until it suffocated, then drove her own head  into a wall.

Bear bile is prized in traditonal Chinese medicines, and the  demand for it has led to mass production. Bear farmers lock moon bears into “crush cages,” so small the bears can’t move. Then farmers puncture their gall bladders to siphon off their bile.

The resulting wound stays open because farmers force needles or shunts into  it so often. It becomes “susceptible to infections and diseases which can cause  the animals unbearable pain,” broken teeth from biting on the bars of  cages, painful foot conditions and even malignant tumors.

This can go on for  20 years, until the bear stops producing bile and is killed.  More than 12,000 bears are caged on bile farms.

The following video contains some disturbing images.

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  1. i am speechless and in tears. This is the picture of the real inhumanity and evil that exists in mankind. My tears are nothing but their pain is terribly real. Please stop these butchers

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