Six rhinos are reported to have been killed in the past 48 hours and one poacher has died after a shoot-out.


NELSPRUIT – According to news feeds from the anti-rhino poaching group, Rhinobuddies, five rhino were killed in the Kruger National Park and one in the Sabi Sands over the past 48 hours.

In another incident, a suspected poacher who managed to escape arrest in the Kruger National Park was found on Wednesday, arrested and taken to Rob Ferreira Hopital. A second suspected poacher was alos taken there to receive medical attention, according to Warrant Officer Oubaas Coetzer.

Police and rangers encountered three suspected poachers at Pretoriuskop on Tuesday. Two were wounded in a shoot-out. One  escaped, and two were arrested.

A .458 rifle fitted with a silencer, ammunition, an axe, and a knife were found in their possession.

The third man appeared in the White  River Magistrate’s Court on Thursday. The matter was postponed.

All three had been arrested for possession of an illegal firearm  and ammunition, and trespassing in the Kruger National Park.

Police believed the rifle could be linked to poaching in the area.

The wounded man found on Wednesday has since died of his wounds in hospital.

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