To enhance its efforts to save the tiger, SAEVUS, the India’s premier nature and wildlife magazine has asked schools to participate in the “earn your stripes contest” and become tiger warriors.

Photograph by Thorsten Milse

On  Global Tiger Day, which is celebrated to raise awareness about tiger conservation and is held annually on July 29, school children have been asked to participate in a three -tired contest that will decide the future of their striped treasure.  The Bengal Tiger is the flagship species in India, and is representative of their entire ecosystem.  It sits on top of the food chain, hence when we save a tiger, we protect its prey base (herbivores), which in turn protects the food source of the herbivores ie the forests.

“So, healthy numbers for tigers augurs well for the biodiversity of the entire country. It is time to build consciousness towards saving the face of the Indian wild”, SAVEUS has informed schools.

Photograph by Thorsten Milse

Round 1 consists of wildlife creative writing contest, wherein students will have to write an original story or poetry in 500 words based on any one of the 10 video clips on tigers that will be uploaded on you tube or their school website. In round 2, the winners of the “earn your stripes” competition will participate in the tiger warrior camp with an objective of understanding forests and animals, protection of forests, knowing the stake-holders, studying the dependents living in the forest and most importantly, tiger behaviour. The camp will be conducted in Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan, where one gets to see these majestic animals.

Round 3, includes various activities such as photo-exhibitions, music performances, a drama competition and celebration  of all the winners at a gala function on Global Tiger Day, July 29.

Perhaps we should encourage our own Wildlife Magazines and Corporate Responsibility programs to follow suit and do something on these lines with our youth as well.

Just a thought …..

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