Game Rangers Unite Against Rhino Poaching


MPUMALANGA – Game rangers in the Kruger  National Park have signed an agreement with private game farm owners surrounding the park to combat rhino poaching.

Nine owners of private reserves on the southern boundary of the park have formed Game Rangers United, a body that works with the anti-poaching teams.

Head of special projects in the park, General Johan Jooste said the agreement is a breakthrough in their campaign to fight poaching.

“We share each other’s information. If we have to go into each other’s areas in pursuit of poachers there’s a mechanism for command on control and I am undertaking that we only deal with accredited game rangers and anti-poaching

But Jooste said the same agreement doesn’t exist on the eastern and northern boundaries of the trans-frontier park.
He said poachers are exploiting this loophole.

According to Jooste rangers aren’t able to track suspected poachers once they pass over into Mozambique through the trans-frontier.

“There are a lot of talks on the go and we’re working hard on that so that at least when we get to the border we work with rangers on the other side where the pursuit is continued. Right now it is stopped dead in its tracks because there’s an international boarder.”

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