Ivory should only be worn by elephants


Is there any hope for the fate of the African elephant ?

It may be time after 40 years of CITES for a new organization to be born out of what was ideally a great idea for an international body to oversee trade in wildlife fauna and fora. It is perhaps time to create a new one that has conservation as its primary goal and not trade. An organization that will by consensus and approval include the local indigenous people in the decisions they make involving the species they live with daily.

We humans are this planet’s worst enemies. Our superiority leaves us with the thought we can do anything to Mother Earth and there will be no consequences whatsoever. Well we are wrong and its time we need to reflect and re-think what we are doing to ensure that many species remain alive and well.

Its my hope that CITES and many other organizations will start to realize that money cannot replace any species on this planet. Trade and game trophy and canned hunting are not what comprise a sustainable conservation effort. Those are selfish hobbies that spill blood in the name of pleasure and profit. We have to ensure all vital species are well cared for and protected. If nations will be forced into the trade and game trophy hunting domains by an organization that has this as its ultimate goal, then it may be time for countries and NGO´s to consider leaving CITES.

Change to ensure the African elephant is protected from global demand of its ivory has to start today. It is only the elephant that should wear ivory. To care does not cost anything but to repair the damage caused by not caring that is a waste of resources that could have been used better elsewhere. We do not have to become a world that does not care.

The environment and the economy are really both two sides of the same coin. You cannot sustain the economy if you don’t take care of the environment”.

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