Six white rhinos are making their way across South Africa to a hidden location in Botswana, in what is the world’s first private game reserve rhino donation. South Africa lost 668 white rhinos to illegal poaching in 2012, and in the first 45 days of 2013 an additional 96 were slaughtered.

But now, six carefully selected rhinos have been moved in secret from Phinda Private Game Reserve to Botswana, where they will be quarantined for four weeks, before reaching their final destination, the Okavango Delta in Botswana, in April.


The Okavango Delta has proven to be a successful rhino relocation habitat and Botswana has a strong security and monitoring framework in place whereby the military helps to protect the species. After years of negotiation and planning, the translocation process began this month.

Capture and release bomas were been built in South Africa and Botswana respectively, permits obtained and various conservation initiatives set in place to ensure that the six selected rhino arrived at their destination safely.


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  1. Clarke says:

    All South Africans, need to stand together to help organization with this serious crisis and epidemic of one of the big 5, we at SOTI plea for your assistance.

    As usual the South African Government is not doing anything in its power to stop this…..
    Yet the South African Government can spend hundreds of millions upgrading the South African Embassy in the USA without the consent of the citizens of South Africa.

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